‘They told me I wasn’t mentally ill, I just had a high IQ… I was livid’

For many authors, releasing their first book in the middle of a pandemic and nationwide lockdown would be seen as far from ideal. After all, our present situation dictates that you can’t have launches, signings or book festivals. But for Sarah Crosby, releasing her first book, Five Minute Therapy, without all the customary hoopla has proven to be something of a blessing in disguise.

I really don’t know any different and I think part of me is almost glad it is this peeled-back version of a launch or a publication, particularly for the first one, because I tend to shy away from putting my face out there too much,” says Crosby. “This definitely suits my more introverted ways rather than doing the signings and stuff.”

“Claire, my fiancée, and I did manage to get to Dubray Books on Grafton Street on New Year’s Eve and they had a small stack of them there and I signed a few of them,” she adds. “That was my ideal sort of book signing. While I’m sure the other side of things would be exciting and bring its own value, I am kind of glad in a way for the more basic version of it.”

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