The CEO of ABBVIE, the price gouger of Armour desiccated thyroid, got his pants pulled down!

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Recently, US Representative Katie Porter thoroughly and pointedly GRILLED Richard A. Gonzalez, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, Abbvie (formerly Allergan). In fact, she figuratively pulled his pants down.

And if that company name sounds only vaguely familiar, Abbvie makes the life-changing Armour desiccated thyroid—a porcine-based hypothyroid medication which has clearly changed lives since the 1890s once a patient or their doctor clearly understands how to use it correctly. And years of patient reports show that it has done this far more aptly than T4-only like Synthroid or Levothyroxine for millions.

Additionally, Armour desiccated thyroid by AbbVie is the ONLY remaining desiccated thyroid product on the US market (more information about that below), yet it’s price has gone FAR too high for the financial comfort of many patients.

And why did Representative Porter successfully slaughter Mr. Gonzalez? It was about the ridiculous INFLATED PRICES, the hollow justification of the inflated prices, their enrichment of shareholders over the well-being of patients, and the lies from the company.

Humira and Imbruvica

Now granted, the medication focus of what she did was on the ridiculously HIGH prices for an anti-inflammatory medication called Humira, of which the price has been raised 27 times!!

It was also focused on the NINE times price increases of Imbruvica since 2013, a cancer medication made by AbbVie.

We are the new price gouging target

Whether you have autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease or any cause of hypothyroidism, we as thyroid patients are now the unfortunate and egregious target of a ridiculous price raise a few years ago for the LIFE-CHANGING Armour natural desiccated thyroid. This price gouging has not been easy for a large body of hypothyroid or Hashi’s patients whose well-being depends on a now much higher price for Armour desiccated thyroid with its T4, T3, T3, T1, and calcitonin.

Even worse for hypothyroid or Hashi’s patients…

  1. There have been recalls of RLC’s Naturethroid and WP Thyroid, as well as twice of NP Thyroid by Acella. Something badly changed in all of them when the only US distributor of porcine powder ceased to make it.
    So Armour is the ONLY US-made desiccated thyroid left, and which continues to work for the vast majority if they and their doctors understand how to use it correctly and how to spot and treat the cause of perceived problems!! It’s a medication which has completely changed lives since the 1890s. Also see Chapter 2 in the updated revision STTM book.
  2. Even compounders are stating they are having a hard time finding a consistent and quality porcine powder anymore.

YET THERE ARE PATIENTS WHO SUFFER FINANCIALLY because of the ridiculous price increase of Armour desiccated thyroid a few years ago by AbbVie.

Another whammy: Insurance companies and Medicare

Not only do hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s patients have to deal with a now MUCH higher price for Armour (as compared to the previous affordable price that was there for years), we have many insurance companies as well as Medicare refusing to cover this life-saving and safe medication.

For Medicare, they wrongly believe it’s dangerous if you are over the age of 65. Yet, there are MANY, MANY hypothyroid patients over 65 who report changed lives on desiccated thyroid, especially once they and their doctors understand how to use it…and especially understand how important it is to have the right amount of cortisol and iron before raising natural desiccated thyroid.

Kudos to Representative Katie Porter

Want to see her downsizing of Richard A. Gonzalez, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, Abbvie? Go here and play the video. Below the video, you’ll see a transcript.

What’s next?

Good question. We’ll just hope that this disgusting revelation about AbbVie by Representative Porter will continue to emphasize that PATIENTS NEED AFFORDABLE MEDICATIONS and not for the sake of extravagantly lining the pockets of CEO’s and shareholders.

Please note: YOUR COMMENT WILL NOT BE APPROVED if you get into political ranting or controversial political names of any kind. This is only a post to discuss how medication prices affect you, your thoughts on the gouging, or to send support and thanks to anyone like US Representative Katie Porter for unmasking and making naked to anyone’s eye about pharmaceuticals, price gouging, and related.

Here’s the YOUTUBE version of Rep. Porter’s takedown of CEO RIchard A. Gonzalez.

Here’s the Wikipedia page for Representative Katie Porter.

Rep. Porter Introduces 2019 Legislation to Crack Down on Pharmaceutical Price Spikes

This is a revealing article about pharmaceutical price gouging in 2019.

Stop Price Gouging Act by the US Congress

A 2020 plea to Pharmaceuticals to stop gouging meds

POST SCRIPT: There appear to be some people who themselves are so political that they negatively accuse this post and myself, Janie Bowthorpe, of being “political”. That is ridiculous and shows who is the one being political. This post would have gone up whether the Representative was Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

The bottom line is that this post is about standing up to those pharms who price gouge. Period. A few years ago, Armour just suddenly went FAR higher in price, even while other brands (which we can’t use anymore because of the recalls) stayed where they were back then. So depending on what someone has to take to get out of their hypothyroid state, the price became ridiculous, all while other NDTs stayed the same lower price, So stop making it political, and focus on the message.

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